Dr. Dhananjay Varnekar

Founder - Chairman

Parents and my dear students,
I take this privilege to welcome you to Cambridge International School. At Cambridge International School, we have taken an initiative towards the progress of India by building schools, where we can impart best global practices in the children, through an Integrated Research Based International Curriculum. We, at Cambridge International School are passionate about guiding the next generation towards their development, growth and leadership.


To assist our students to blossom intellectually, aesthetically, morally and spiritually, we follow the Gurukul concept of schooling, which helps us understand each child’s individual requirement and work towards helping the child develop his entrepreneurial & leadership skills. We have furnished the campus with state-of-the-art facilities to meet the requirements of global competition. The sports arena, laboratories, art rooms, classrooms, technologies; you name it, everything is equipped to provide only the best for our students’ growing year.


Each child has his/her own pace of development and it is imperative that we work together as teachers and parents towards a common goal – building strong characters and dynamic personalities. We believe that along with their child, parents also grow. Therefore for “growing parents” we have parents clubs, sports club, entrepreneurship workshops, art of parenting workshops; I personally request you to be a part of these as it definitely helps the child in progress. Lastly, I would like to request the parents to give your children adequate time to grow and flourish.

Dear Parents,
Every Student Deserves a Childhood full of enthusiasm and experimentation. This is the right time to allow them to expand their horizons and spread their wings. At Cambridge International School (CIS), every student get exposure to systematic extensive learning under the guidance of trained and insightful educators so that they will develop a global outlook. The CIS will spare no efforts to make learning a joyful and sustainable activity for its students, making education a real celebration. The stress-free environment encourages each child to explore, experiment and discover the world around them.


We believe in assistance and assessment. We believe in techniques and technology. We believe in honesty, integrity. We believe in strength of every student and every mentor. We believe in the concept of Modern Gurukul. We at CIS understand that to compete and establish as a leader in this highly competitive world is a challenge and to meet this challenge we are presenting herewith real in the world, unique in India-Skill Development Program.


The Skill Development Program understands students’ natural talent and polishes their skills to professional level right from schooling days. The program assists and assess the children to choose their career path. We believe that only a healthy body can achieve big. We address healthy habits and health related concerns through in house full time medical facilities, workshops and workbooks for both students and parents. As a Director, I welcome all parents to willingly entrust their wards in our care and we promise to give them a schooling that will enable them to compete globally, making them responsible citizens.

Mr. Ram D. Raina

Founder - Director

Mr. Y Kishore Kumar Reddy

MSc(IT), MA(Mathematics), MA(Public Administration), MA(Education), B.Ed


KK Cambridge International School is the centre of excellence for academics, well known for its gurukul concepts, Academic, skill based activities and sports.

Welcome to the incredible World of Cambridge International School, Amravati.”Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”I am very proud to say about the structure followed at our Cambridge Group which creates a lot of interest and stress free education to the children. We strongly believe the Gurukul concept teaching s with conceptual, experimental, experiential teaching and learning process.

Our Cambridge Group follows a variety of teaching methods to address different learning levels, styles and intelligence of high school students. Some of the most important teaching methods for High school include proper classroom rnanagement, motivation and a welcoming classroom environrnent, plus a curriculum and activities that address a multitude of learning styles. I convey my profound pleasure for the co-operation of our students, parents. I hope this will continue further. I express my honest gratitude to one and all.

“Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions.”